Wednesday 13 April 2016

Just Unfriend Them Instead

We know most of us have unfriended at least one person on Whatsapp, Facebook or on other online social media. We know at least another person in a group whom we avoid because we simply don't like him.

Any social media is open to abuse especially when people ask us to agree with their statuses or statements they think all in their contact lists will agree with.

Many people post "endless" photos of themselves, food and pets. By posting those photos without giving any detail does not mean the best way of conversation.

In reality most of those people are matured persons but they turn stupid once they start writing on any social media. They share something of nothing for example informing us that they have just watched the "Raja Lawak" tv show or informing us on something they do every day in the morning that we really don't want to know.

We don't care what they watch or what they do in the morning, then why are they telling us those? If they keep on repeating updating the same type of statuses just block them and do not feel guilty about avoiding them because discussing ideas about something is what networks are all about.

It is sorry to see that not all of them are capable of constructing even a good clause describing of their statuses.

Whenever I read anything online, I find it difficult to understand when most of them do not know the difference between how to spell weather and whether, right and wright, quite and quiet, too and two, buy and bye and it goes on and on. I consider the writer as a negligent person and I do not have interest to continue reading it.

I am a person who likes to know a well thought out information and the updating of statuses that will inspire informative talk that I am willing to get involved.


  1. Biasalah sekarang ni kekadang di media sosial jadi tempat meluahkan perasaan..dalam masa yang sama ada pihak yang terasa dan tidak mustahil mencetuskan pergaduhan..

    Budak² sekarang ramai yang acah² pandai english..tapi dalam masa yang sama, penggunaan perkataan yang digunakan pula salah sehingga membawa maksud yang lain..itulah bila mudah sangat terikut dengan kawan²..


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