Sunday, 17 April 2016


The day Farzana passed her driving test. Happy birthday Farzana.

Everyone is busy nowadays. When asked for any help their reply is, "I am busy." This seems to be a default response from all of us. The question is are we really busy or pretending to be one? Don't you?

Why are some pretending to be busy or making ourselves tied up? Can we give one pleasing reason for needing to be occupied all the time?

Could it be that our busyness is actually fearful avoidance of stepping into our true power and potential? After all, by staying busy, it’s easier to avoid showing ourselves to the world, while sparing ourselves from any possible embarrassment or failures.

It is very easy to say busy when someone needs you but it is very painful to hear the word busy when you need someone's favour.

Acting busy makes them feel and look important as they are afraid of stopping, slowing down and creating some space for others to ask for small favours. If they do nothing they would be seen as being lazy or not in the category of important people. Being less busy is a scary idea to some people.

Why must we always reply by repeating the frequently used words,  "I am busy." Of course we can come up with something a little more creative answer, not to mention more accurate, for ourselves than that.

Some of us are busier for nothing because we place the priority at a wrong judgement, "I haven't seen my parents for two years and I really want to meet them but I am not always free with my work," some claimed.

We can easily notice the above statement how the most important thing get lost in these thinking processes.

Be honest and ask yourself, am I really that tied up?

Syahmi Haziq: busy with his team


  1. Kita kena mencari waktu untuk bersama dengan keluarga, bukan mencari alasan untuk tidak bersama mereka..

    Masa itu boleh diaturkan jika kita memerlukan masa itu..semuanya terletak atas diri seseorang itu sendiri..


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