Sunday, 17 April 2016


Have you heard most people say "healthy" food. Is the word healthy a correct adjective to describe the word food? I prefer to use the word health instead of using  healthy. Healthy is best used as adjective to describe for any living thing.

I am not an English native speaker so, i better shut up and not to talk about grammar. Let me talk about healthy food.

Are you taking healthy food daily?  Do you know that you are what you eat. If you take good food it reflects your mind and body.

Most of us take food because of hunger and its taste.  We ignore and never care to know the contents of the food that we take; the nutrients. We forget that food is not only for health but it makes us feel great.

Food serves as fuel for us to think and for energy to move our body parts. The nutrients in the food make our body functioning.

Due to aging and the way of modern living we often do not get the most necessary nutrients required by our bodies. The common health problem is due to lack of nutrients in our bodies. Even a very small diet deficiencies can have an enormously negative impact on our health.

I came a cross with a lady who is supplying food for health (supplements for our bodies) who stays in Shah Alam and to my understanding the food she sells is not only best consumed by elderly people who are going to perform the "haji" in Mecca but to those who always neglect the food nutrients.

Let's give a call to this attentive Malay lady and ask her a bit about Shaklee, the food supplement. Puan Nurfazian @ Yan can be reached at 012 652 6491

If you love your friends please tell them that their bodies use everything they put into them. They determine what to put next.

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  3. Saya pun mengambil supplement Shaklee nih..ya permakanan memang memainkan peranan penting dalam menjadi seorang yang sihat..

    Makan perlu dijaga, lebih² lagi yang telah meningkat usia..jangan abaikan kesihatan sendiri dengan makan mengikut selera tekak semata-mata..

    1. Sebelum tidur saya makan tu. So far lom ada penyakit.


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