Wednesday 11 May 2016


Click here before reading the story. Once I reached the Kuala Lumpur International Airport parking bay I jumped out of my car and rushed to the airplane ticket counter to get my seat numbered. A young lady in her elegant airline dress took my boarding pass that I have printed earlier, smiled and asked:

AIRLINE COUNTER GIRL:  Do you have any specific seat preference, sir?

ME:  A seat beside a charming girl, would you mind?

AIRLINE COUNTER GIRL:  Sure, you can, take a chair and sit near me.

ME:  Not now, next time maybe. Give me your number then.

AIRLINE COUNTER GIRL:  That’s confidential sir.

ME:   Nothing is private lately.  Don't waste time unless shyness is holding you back. 

AIRLINE COUNTER GIRL:  Here’s your ticket, sir. If it’s meant to be, we’ll meet. Till then have a nice journey.

ME:  Thank you.

Later in the flight while I was reading a magazine, an eye-catching lady sitting next to me said:

THE LADY:  I am sorry to make you feel uncomfortable sir. I have to apply this ointment around my neck. I know it doesn't smell good to others. I have a slight cough, hopefully it helps.

ME: No worries.  Where are you going?

THE LADY:  I am meeting my friends in Kuching at a wedding.

From there our conversation started. I've been around with a lot of people so having conversations with others no longer scares me as much as it used to, but those all usually have a set path that we talk, discussing basics like work, nature, kindness and family.

I love meeting people. I also used to get nervous but once I get comfortable, I chill out a ton.

This lady seemed willing to talk and I was just comfortable discussing about things with her. I was  thinking if I can try my best to relax and maybe continue a conversation with her later. 

THE LADY:  Are you Malaysian?

ME:  I'm not but I am Malay from Semenanjong.

THE LADY:  (laughed)

Me:  May i have your mobile number.

THE LADY:  Let me have yours. I will do the first call. (smiled).

I wrote my number at the bottom of my printed boarding pass, tore the portion that i wrote and gave it to her.

When the aircraft landed I left the plane leaving her with a smile. As i was walking to the exit route something dropped from my upper pocket. I picked it up and it was my boarding pass and at the back of it i saw a girl's name and a half written mobile number. That number was probably from the airline girl at KLIA check-in terminal and I must have torn that ticket and given the portion to the lady I met in the plane.

I re-winded my conversation that i had with the girl earlier at the counter and cursed myself for not paying attention. Since then every time when I travel through KLIA, I glanced that airways counter and she wasn't there always.

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  1. alaa sayangnyaaa >,<

    tapi bila fikir balik, I pun ada insiden yang lebih kurang. yang buat I rasa ralat sangat. tsk tsk T_T

    not meant to be.

    1. Mommy, kongsilah cerita Mommy. Pembaca yg lain pun dapat baca.

      Terima kasih singgah sini.

  2. Ya, saya pun ada ingin bertemu dengan seseorang..seseorang yang penuh misteri pada pandangan saya..tak pasti samada saya akan berjodoh berjumpa atau kekal tidak berjumpa..


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