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One book can change the world

Happy merdeka day and let us take today's time off to commemorate the day that gave us the freedom of faith, right to move, thought, owning, action and speech. Freedom allows us to reach our dreams.

I am writing this again in English as I knew from the previous feedbacks most Malaysians understand English and only 80 percent of them speak in Manglish. So it is not that bad as 20 percent of Malaysians are proficient in English.

Malaysian English or Manglish is now a colloquial, an informal spoken form of Malaysian English. It is the common English language spoken on the streets. Using Manglish at school is strictly forbidden.

A few years after merdeka or to be exact before Malaya got it's independence Malaysian students spoke fluent English as the England's native speakers spoke. The reason was, the school teachers were hired from England and even the local English medium school teachers were trained in United Kingdom to be our school teachers. When they came back home they talked in classes in impeccable English accent and we the students followed.

During those years all lessons in English medium schools were taught in English, the United Kingdom English. That made every pupil spoke in Mat Salih accent and were categorized into the acrolect level (1st level English speaker).

After merdeka the English medium schools were phased out and since then the English language was in sudden decline. Lately, since the late 70s if I am not mistaken the students are lucky to have  their English teachers trained professionally. It is up to the them, the students whether to learn or not to learn as a man can bring the horse to the pond but it is the horse that decides the drinking.

Between turning the page and closing the book, which one do you choose?

English language is not a hard subject to master. To master it we are advised by some to always read, write, listen and talk in English but they forget to ask us to do one important thing. That is to think in English. It is worth doing as I did it since my primary school.

Whatever you have in your brain do run it in English. Play your words, numbers and organize sentences in English while you are talking, eating, playing and even dreaming because English is the one language that will amaze you.

Start thinking every situation in that language. This improves the way you look at things. Start thinking everything in English. Everyone is fluent in his mother tongue because he thinks in that language. Britons are fluent in English because they do the thinking in their mother's language.

Why are the Malay, Chinese and Indian good in their own languages? They are good because they do the thinking in their mother tongue. The output is what they think. I have tried this and had got great results.

Make the language a part of your life and do not afraid of making mistakes as mistakes are a part of learnings. Enjoy you mistakes because English language is to learn how to communicate. Do not aim to learn to speak perfectly but make learning to communicate perfectly.

Cameron Diaz, the Holywood notty educator

Your English language can improve through going out with friends or in some cases through datings. With simple English you can easily grasp the best mate in town. Have a try.

Mix around and talk in English especially with old people. These elderlies will boost your confidence by saying out through their brain their secrets and experience and not to forget they are knowledgable. Some of them may leave you in days of pondering with their tricky questions and trying to answer them will beat your brains out.

Try mingling with them and you will feel more alive than ever. Their language of friendship is not only words given to you but meanings. They picked them while crossing many hurdles of life that you have not passed..

Learning is a life long process so keep on learning. Do not matter you get it from a kid or an elderly because you will always get to learn from people or the other way.

Never forget to place our National Language, the language which we have grown up speaking since our first day in primary school on the upper most level of our communications. May the peace and power be with you.

To be continued.

(This site is our site and the stories belong to us. Everyone has a story to tell and in sharing we find healing. I expect this story will give hope a good chance to grow in your hearts. Your wisdom and stories are as good as mine.)

Do not fear the future but shape it

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  1. Ya zaman dulu banyak sekolah inggeris dan majoritinya paderi yang menjadi guru besar atau pengetua..zaman tu ramai pelajar mampu berkomunikasi bahasa inggeris dengan baik..

    Ya jika hendak mahir berbahasa inggeris kena selalu menggunakannya..practise make it perfect..


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